Aerial Photography-Birds Eye View of Famous Cities


Here you will find some of the best aerial photos of famous and popular cities in the world.

These are birds eye view photos that have been taken by Pilots on their landing approach. You can see what the normal passenger can’t see, as this  photography is only seen from the cockpit of the plane. Some of the cities include Paris ( France ) Amsterdam (Netherlands) Cape Town (South Africa) Venice (Italy). Just scroll down to see more amazing royalty free aerial photography.


Paris France One of the Largest Cities of the World

Situated on the Seine River, in the north of the country, it is in the centre of the Ile-de- France region, also known as the région parisienne, “Paris Region”. The City of Paris has an area of 105.4 square kilometres (40.7 square miles) and had a population of 2,241,346 within its city limits in 2014. The Paris Region covers 12,012 square kilometres (4,638 square miles), and has its own regional council and president. It had a population of 12,005,077 as of January 2014, or 18.2 percent of the population of France.

Paris was founded in the 3rd century BC by aCeltic people called the Parisii, who gave the city its name. By the 12th century, Paris was the largest city in the world, a prosperous trading centre, and the home of the Universty of Paris, one of the first in Europe. In the 18th century, it was the centre stage for the French Revolution, and became an important centre of finance, commerce, fashion, science, and the arts, a position it still retains today.This is a great aerial view of the main part of Paris. Amazing photography viewed from high above.

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Aerial view of Paris


Amsterdam  is the capital city and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.




Its status as the Dutch Capital is mandated by the Constitution of the Netherlands,though it is not the seat of the Dutch government, which is The Hague. Amsterdam has a population of 825,080 within the city proper, 1,317,663 in the urban area and 1,590,520 in the metropolitan area. The city region has an approximate population of 2,431,000 seen by great photography in a birds eye view below. The city is located in the province of North Holland  in the west of the country. It comprises much of the northern part of the Randstad, with a population of approximately 7 million.

Amsterdam’s name derives from Amstelredamme, indicative of the city’s origin as a dam of the river Amstel. Originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), a result of its innovative developments in trade. During that time, the city was the leading center for finance and diamonds. In the 19th and 20th centuries,the city expanded, and many new neighborhoods and suburbs were planned and built. The 17th-century canals which you can see from this great aerial view of Amsterdam and the 19–20th century Defence Line of Amsterdam are on the UNESCO World Hertiage List.






Cape Town South Africa


Cape Town (Afrikaans: Kaapstad )  ranks second among the most populous urban areas in South Africa, after Johannesburb, and has roughly the same population as the Durban Metropolitan Area.

The city is famous for its harbour, as you can see from this aerial view, for its natural setting in the Cape Floistc Region, as well as for such well-known landmarks as Table Top Mountain and Cape Point. As of 2014 it is the 10th most populous city in Africa and home to 64% of the Western Cape’s population. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, reflecting its role as a major destination for immigrants and expatriates to South Africa. The city was named the World Design Capitial for 2014 by the Internation Council of societies of Industrial Design. In 2014, Cape Town was named the best place in the world to visit by both  The New York Times and The Telegraph.

Located on the shore of Table Bay, Cape Town was first developed by the Dutch East India Company as a victualling (supply) station for Dutch ships sailing to East Africa,India and the Far east.. Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival on 6 April 1652 established the first permanent European settlement in South Africa. Cape Town quickly outgrew its original purpose as the first European outpost at the Castle of Good Hope, becoming the economic and cultural hub of the Cape. now is one of the largest cities of the world. Until the Witwatersrand and the development of Johannesburg, Cape Town was the largest city in South Africa.

This is a fantastic birds eye view of the city as you come in to land.


Cape Town

Venice Italy

  • According to tradition, Venice was founded in 421 AD on March 25th
    The most important village in the lagoon by that time is not Venice but Torcello, where in 639 the gorgeous Cathedral was built, and where many people are seeking refuge from barbarian invasions. Step by step, Venice was built on several islands of a lagoon, then linked by bridges. You can see from this aerial view.
    ·St. Mark’s square bell tower collapses in 1902: there are photos and postcards of this impressive events, and they can be bought in Venice. The bell tower had to be re-built completely, in 1912, as we see it now.Fortunately, during the 2nd World War (1940-45), Venice was not bombed: both sides respected the most gorgeous city on earth
    A flood in 1966 causes serious damages: water level reached 2 metres. In many churches and palaces they put a sign marking the reached water level.
    Only in this century could you have such a birds eye view of this beautiful city.
Aerial View of Venice


A Birds Eye View of Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

Bac Son Valley, Vietnam



Marina Bay, Dubai Aerial Photo


By Richard Spencer

Dubai’s wealth came quickly, and it got a little carried away: artificial islands, gaudy hotels and pointy skyscrapers, spectacular or tasteless as they are, according to your viewpoint. But at first, wealth brought amenities we take for granted: running water, electricity, roads. Dubai’s first electric lights were hooked up in the Sixties. It put in taps and telephones around the same time.

In the late Forties, Dubai had suffered an extended famine in which people had eaten locusts, leaves and lizards in order to survive. Yet within a few years, Sheikh Rashid had ordered the Middle East’s biggest port, its tallest skyscraper and its largest airport.

The rest is – well, not quite history because we can’t be sure how it will all turn out. By the time Sheikh Rashid died in 1991, Dubai was a commercial powerhouse, its port the most important in the Middle East.

And Today you can see by this Aerial Photography of present day Dubai, it is growing non stop daily and is fast becoming one of the largest cities on the world.

Marina Bay, Dubai
Marina Bay, Dubai Aerial Photo



Flying over Niagara Falls for an Aerial view

Niagara Falls consists of two waterfalls on the Niagara River, which marks the border between New York and Ontario, Canada: the American Falls, located on the American side of the border, and the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls located on the Canadian side. To the right of the American Falls is a smaller waterfall that has been separated from the American Falls by natural forces, which is usually called Bridal Veil Falls.

Known in the past as the premiere Honeymoon destination, this geological wonder is not only one of most popular tourist attractions in the state of New York, but also functions as one of the major power providers to the state itself. Comprised of three waterfalls — American Falls, Horseshoe Falls and Bridal Veil Falls — Niagara Falls water stems from the upper Great Lakes and the river is estimated to be 12,000 years old. A great birds eye view.

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Niagara Falls, U.S.A.
Niagara Falls, U.S.A.


Aerial Photography of Giza Pyramids, Egypt

Giza Pyramids, Egypt
Giza Pyramids, Egypt